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Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Custom Painting...

There's only one way to refinish your new aftermarket components...

The Right Way!


It doesn't matter if it's plastic, fiberglass, steel or aluminum. There's a specific process that has to be followed in order to achieve a beautiful, durable finish that meets or exceeds OEM specs.


We have the tools, experience and products necessary to match the factory color or custom color(s) and all finish types including the elusive

Harley "denim" finish. This way you can replace stock parts or add custom parts without the additional expense of

repainting your entire bike!


Body kits, stretched bags, tanks, fenders or any of the popular aftermarket custom components can be extremely expensive.

We have been refinishing all types of aftermarket parts for many years and have the experience necessary to execute the top-quality refinish you're looking for!


Need assistance installing your glue-on body kit or dry-fitting your parts?

We have the experience and know the tricks for a seamless, professional installation.


To have it done right, check out our Price Guides or Contact Us for a free estimate!

Aftermarket Parts Refinishing

*WARNING* Some images may be considered inappropriate or offensive to some viewers...

These are some of our favorite manufacturers of body kits & aftermarket parts...

* CC Custom Coatings & Graphics has no affiliation with any of the companies listed nor do we sell any of their products.

They are here as recommendations only and strictly as a convenience for those who are interested.


All aftermarket parts should be dry-fitted prior to refinish. Most manufacturers will not allow returns or exchanges on their parts once painted.


Individual experience with any of these companies may vary...

Check out their sites to find an authorized dealer in your area.

Please see our Privacy Policy.



Check it out:

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We specialize in replicating Harley's CVO colors and designs!  

We have perfected the application process of the elusive Harley 'denim' finish.

We also stock or can make their most popular colors including the older or obsolete ones!

If you're adding aftermarket parts or accessories that need refinishing or have a custom or OE color that needs repair/restoration or color-matching on ANY make or model Contact Us, we can help!


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We offer service discounts for our Military Service personnel and First Responders.

(Active OR Retired) !

Find out more About Us or Contact Us for more information.


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We also create custom signs,  commissioned artwork or specialty restoration that will impact your business or home with the most vibrant colors and quality materials available!

Our signature process features a swirl-polished aluminum substrate which can include laser-cut 3-D elements.

Our sign quality is ultra durable in any climate and the beauty and integrity has been proven to last for YEARS under the harshest conditions!

We use only the best conversion varnish on wood cabinets, gun stocks, hand railings and countless other wood projects.

Contact Us to discuss your custom signage, artwork, restoration or wood finishing requirements.

Other Refinish Services & Solutions...

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