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Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding our Motorcycle Custom Paint services...

Every project is unique, so if your question isn't addressed here, please don't hesitate to call or Contact Us.



Q. How much does it cost to custom paint my motorcycle?


A. This is by far our most commonly asked question...

Very understandable but it's similar in essence to asking 'how much does a car cost?'

There are far too many variables involved to offer a simple dollar amount answer when it comes to the various levels of 'custom' work...

Year, make, model, the number of parts, current condition of parts, color(s), design elements and steps required for your project are all factors involved in estimating what your custom refinish will end up costing.

We can give you an estimate based on our experience with similar projects and the description you provide but every job is unique and performed on a time and material basis. This will ensure you're receiving the highest quality job for the money.

To get an idea of what you may be looking at...A basic rule-of-thumb is 20-30 hours for a three-piece tank and fender set and 40-60 hours for a bagger. Of course, this can vary further, depending on the project.

Then, by the somewhat obsolete bodyshop standards, figure $20-$40 per hour for paint and materials.

There is a huge variance in product costs that needs to be factored in and that's why it's important to know color(s), type of refinish process required and design elements.

There's also an average of $500 per part which can get you in the ballpark but again, shape, size, condition, design elements and the quantity plus type of refinish products used will determine the final price.

To see our service rates and assist in estimating a budget please visit our Price Guides page or Contact Us for an estimate.


Q. Is there a cheaper alternative?


A. Yes, but you get what you pay for.

There's always going to be a 'back yard painter', 'hobbyist', 'part-timer' or a 'production level shop' that'll do it cheaper because of their lower overhead, use of inferior materials and/or limited ability to produce the requirements of your project.

You should also consider whether or not they'll still be in operation when you need support, additional service or repairs down the road and if they'll stand behind their work.

We refuse to use low quality products to save a buck...It has been proven time and again that using low end products can ultimately cost more in the long run.

Keep in mind that everything we do is uniquely tailored for your project.

Way too frequently, we'll have to completely redo a botched job performed by a novice painter that the client has to pay for twice.

If you're looking for a quick, cheap job so you can sell your bike, there are plenty of options out there and we're probably not going to be the right shop for you. If you plan on paying a premium for a guaranteed quality job in a professional facility that uses top-of-the-line products which can enhance the value of your ride...that is our area of expertise.

It's more economical to pay for a quality job one time than have to do it twice or fix somebody elses mistakes which could ultimately destroy the value of your bike.

We've invested years into perfecting the application process of our products. Our experience has taught us that doing it right the first time is the only way to reduce headaches for our clients and maintain the integrity of our reputation.


Q. Can I ship my parts to you?


A. Yes...If you're ready to send us your parts Contact Us for detailed instructions on how to send and then receive your project once completed.


Q. How long will you have my bike/parts?


A. Our standard turnaround is 6-8 weeks on most full refinish projects. That can vary with our current work load and how extensive or complex your project may be. We operate on a first-come-first-served basis and must have your parts on site in order to place them in the rotation. This will get your project started and completed in the most timely manner. Time frames are always estimated...In some cases if the client has a 'hard' deadline on their project and there's adequate time, we'll do our very best to complete their project within that timeframe.


Q. Can I wait and bring in my parts when you're ready for them?


A. No, refer to the question above...We're not an assembly-line high production shop and it's way too difficult to try and work around everybody's schedules. We've tried every possible scenario to provide quality service in a reasonable time frame. Since every project is custom and tailored for the individual, its difficult to know exactly how long a given project will take or exactly when we'll be able to start on it, especially when there is a large backlog of projects.


Q. Can I have my bike painted in stages since I don't currently have the funds to refinish it all at once?


A. The short answer is yes, however, the most economical and fastest way to complete your custom refinish project is to coat all of the parts consecutively. To do part of it now and bring in more parts later places that portion of your project at the back of the line. Plus, since we'll have to set up again, the service rate will be billed as accessory parts instead of a full refinish project which means you'll end up paying 10-20% more once the project is completed.


Q. I bought some paint and realize that I don't have the proper tools, facilities and experience to achieve the refinish I was expecting. If I prep the parts and bring you the paint can you spray it for me?


A. We typically will not use someone elses materials. First, if an attempt was made at a DIY refinish there were probably improper steps taken that may require more work than necessary and/or could result in a failure that we cannot control, therefore, we would not be able to guarantee the job.

Second, the margin at which we re-sell our products for is really the only 'profit' we make on a job. The health of our shop relies on product sales much like any other service-oriented business.

Third, some products are incompatible with each other and it's not a good idea to cross brands and risk a future failure, not to mention the efficiency of the project timeline. If we have to research the application process of products we're not familiar with, the cost of the job would increase significantly.

If you purchased a brand that we use and is compatible, we could use it but our service rate will have to increase to make up the difference.


Q. Do you offer financing?  What form of payment do you accept?


A. No, we do not currently offer financing...All projects are COD. We'll accept personal checks, cash, cashiers checks, Venmo or Zelle transfers. All major credit cards can be accepted, but a small convenience fee will be added to the invoice balance. All invoices are itemized with labor hours, liquid paint materials, shop supplies, parts, shipping and applicable taxes.


Q. Do you require a deposit/down payment?


A. Sometimes...For accessory parts or smaller projects we generally cover the costs until completion.

For large, extensive, full refinish projects, we'll figure a down-payment to assist with initial costs. Then, establish a regular payment schedule in order to maintain progress of the project and to help minimize the final balance.


Q. Do I need to have my bike disassembled?


A. Yes...In order to achieve a high quality refinish, each individual part is completely prepped and fully

re-coated on all surfaces. Such an upper level of quality requires each component of the bike to be removed and completely stripped of all hardware and assembly fasteners.


Q. Do I need to or will you need to completely strip my parts of the old paint?


A. Not always...On rare occasions it may be necessary to start a refinish from "the ground up". Usually if you have a factory finish that is 15 years old or less and in good condition, it's absolutely unnecessary to completely strip the old coatings unless there is evidence of failure such as delamination, sun damage or other adhesion issues (possibly caused by impact damage, etc...). Most manufacturers go to great lengths to insure the integrity of the foundation of their paint systems.

Most of the refinish products produced today are designed to go over and 'seal' old finishes as long as there isn't any evidence of failure and the coatings are compatible.

Back to the 'rare' occasions...If it has already been refinished elsewhere, we have no way of knowing for sure if the job was done properly or what type of products were used. WIth that said, as an extra layer of security we would have to strip the old finish and refinish with our system in order to be able to guarantee the job...and the cost of the project will reflect the additional steps and materials required.


Q. Do you offer 'turn-key' service?


A. In most cases, yes...We have experience disassembling and reassembling many makes and models' motorcycle body panels but are limited to a certain mechanical level plus the shop space is relatively small so we don't have a lot of room to store bikes or other vehicles.

To 'streamline' your project, we prefer your bike be disassembled by a highly skilled and/or certified mechanic of your choice.

Our expertise lies in custom refinishing and not within mechanical aspects. If you need assistance with finding a shop to work on your bike, we have many resources available and can direct you to the most qualified shop for your particular project.

Check out our Associate Links to find one of the dealerships or shops we work with. Keep in mind...we will work with ANY shop of your choice.


Q. Do you sell and install aftermarket parts?


A. Yes and no...we offer dry-fit, refinish and installation of most aftermarket body kit parts. There are too many dealers and online purchase opportunities available for us to compete with.  If you prefer we order the correct parts for your project, prepayment is required and there will be a small mark-up plus sales tax added to your final invoice.

If you order your own parts, as a convenience, you can always drop-ship directly to us. 

Contact Us for recommendations and assistance with finding the parts you're looking for and also shipping/receiving info.


Q. Do you only refinish Harleys?


A. No...We have extensive experience repairing and refinishing ALL makes and models. Check out our 

Metric Refinish photo gallery...


Q. Can you match my CVO or custom color?


A. Yes...If there is no color code or formula available then we can scan and develop a 'best match' color for your project. Many of our Aftermarket  Parts projects have had color matches done.


Q. Can you match my "Denim", matte or flat finish?


A. Yes...We use the same products that many of the OEM's use. We have perfected the application of the elusive Harley 'denim' finish which is a two-stage process that many other motorcycle manufacturers have adopted as well, on several different makes and models. The 'flatting' agents can be blended to achieve just about any gloss level or sheen.


Q. Do you paint plastic parts?


A. Yes, we do...we use a 3-step adhesion promoting process to prep all plastic components. Once they are thoroughly prepped and cleaned, they are painted and finished with the same products and process applied to the rest of the project.


Q. Do you repair damaged parts?


A. Absolutely...! This is a large percentage of our business. From small dents and dings to major fiberglass or plastic rebuilding and metal body work. We have the ability and experience to repair just about any damage within reason. In some cases it's more economical to replace parts with extreme damage.

Small nicks and chips are addressed and resurfaced prior to any custom refinish.

Please visit our Repair & Restoration gallery to view some of our repair work. We will also work with your insurance company directly to address most body-related insurance claims.


Q. Do you only paint motorcycles?


A. No...we offer many other coating solutions for almost any type of project that requires a high quality, durable finish. We have extensive experience with custom refinishing on many other projects including, but not limited to: Cars & Trucks, Helmets, Musical Instuments and all types of Accessories, plus Custom Signs and Firearms to name a few...


Q. Do you offer collision repair service on automobiles?


A. No...We are strictly a custom paint and refinish shop with a primary focus on motorcycle custom paint.

If you're looking for a flame job on your car or a high-end resto refinish for your hot rod this is the place...if you need repair service from an accident we can recommend a collision center to manage your repair claim.


Q. Can you paint parts other than body panels?


A. YES..! We offer several different coating solutions for your refinish project.

We can Powder Coat most any metal component as long as it can withstand 400 degrees F

and will fit in our 8' oven. We also work with one of the largest powder coating facilities in the region which enables us to offer just about any level or size of project including large components or heavy production.

For High Temperature applications, such as exhaust systems and other engine components we use Cerakote and Zycoat products. These products are extremely durable up to 2000 degrees F!

We also apply Cerakote Firearm Coatings...the best refinish products for your firearms which can also be used for other specialty applications.


Q. Do you install vinyl graphics or wraps?


A. No...We're not a sign shop even though we can make custom signs. All of our graphic elements are masked and painted with a protective clear top-coat. We don't have the equipment to do printed vinyl graphics or wraps but we do have the ability to make single-color decals or small wet-slide decals if necessary.


Q. Do you apply ceramic coatings to motorcycle and car paint?


A. No...The 'ceramic' coating that has been growing in popularity is a polymer shield that's applied to painted surfaces. Although it's usually a good product (which takes the place of waxing your vehicle), you'll have to find a detail shop that offers this service or there are several DIY kits available.

The only ceramic coating we do is for firearms, high temperature components and other specialty applications. (They are completely different products).


Q. What's the difference between Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating?


A. Powder coating is just's a polyester, urethane or epoxy product that comes in a powder form and is electrostatically applied with specialized equipment. Then, it's liquified and cured in an oven at the manufacturers required time and temperature. Product thickness is determined by the application process and is generally 2-4 mils once cured. Most powder coated components should not exceed 350 degrees when in normal operation.

Ceramic coating is a high-solids liquid that is applied with somewhat standard spray equipment. It primarily works as a thermal barrier for high temperature applications. It is extremely hard and chemical resistant once cured...(air or oven cured depending on application and product used). Typically it's thickness range is .5-1.5 mils once cured which allows for much closer tolerances for certain components.

The high temperature products can operate in excess of 2000 degrees in some colors and applications.

*(The prep process is typically the same and that's why both coatings are in the same catagory but actual products are invoiced differently).

*(FYI... a mil is 1/1000 of an inch and is used to measure the thickness of a coating...1 mil is about the thickness of a standard trash bag).


Q. How long have you been in business?


A. Our experience with automotive refinish products began in the late 80's-early 90's and

'CC Custom Graphics' was founded in 2003. For 20+ years we have been producing high quality custom finishes utilizing some of the best products available in the industry.

There have been numerous 'custom painters' come and go but we have stood tried and true to our passion, core values and principles with no sign of letting up.


Q. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?


A. Yes, we do...we're so confident in our products and craftsmanship that we'll warrant against product failure for up to five years from the point of completion on body panels refinished with our complete automotive refinish system. (Some restrictions apply but are not limited to those listed). We can't warrant against standard road wear or damage caused from collisions, negligence, improper installation techniques, circumstances beyond our control or any act of God...

If we utilize or add to the factory finish on a new bike, we'll honor the paint portion of the warranty of any manufacturer for up to two years from the date of completion.

Paint repair/refinish projects requiring body work and/or special techniques or products are warranted for up to one year from the date of completion.

Other coatings such as powder coating and high temperature coatings that are subjected to extreme service are warranted against failure for 90 days from the date of completion.


Q. Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?


A. We're located just West of downtown Parkville, Missouri in the West Park Addition Industrial Park.

Our address is:


CC Customs LLC

10402 NW River Road (State Hwy FF)

Parkville, MO 64152


Our business hours are 10-6 M-F .

(Sometimes available on weekends by appointment only).


Click here for directions. Please call first. (816)-916-4995.

E-mail direct:


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