Dealer Customs

These are (or were) brand new inventory or custom ordered bikes we've refinished for some of the motorcycle dealerships

that we work with.


Do you want your new bike to stand out from the rest?

Do you have a custom paint design you've been dreaming of that needs to be on your new bike?


We can custom refinish and personalize your brand new bike to order!

Every one of our custom refinishes is unique, no two will ever be duplicated.


Add your own touch with one of our signature paint jobs and you'll have the ultimate one-of-a-kind customized bike. You can roll into the next big event with confidence that you won't lose your ride in a crowd of identical bikes!


In some cases, your dealer may even be able to finance your custom paint job right along with the other accessories when purchasing and customizing your new ride.


To find one of our new dealer customs or to order a new or used bike, please visit one of the dealers we work with listed on our

Associate Links page.


If you own or are buying one of the dealer customs we've refinished, you're eligible to receive our Powder & Ceramic Coatings and

Aftermarket Parts Refinish at a discounted rate!


Are you from out of state or do you have a prefered dealership?...

No problem!

We've worked with several dealers located all over the country and we would love to work with the dealer of your choice.


Contact Us with your project details and we'll work with your dealer sales and service departments to bring your dream machine to life!

Custom Refinished Dealer Customs & 'Spec' Bikes

*WARNING* Some images may be considered inappropriate or  offensive to some viewers...

* CC Custom Coatings & Graphics is or has been a vendor for the dealerships or motorcycle shops listed within this website. Our relationship with any and all dealers goes no further than the refinish specialties we offer.


We do not sell any of their motorcycles or products.

They are only here to promote one of our many services and as a convenience for those who are interested.


Individual experience with any motorcycle dealership may vary...

The decision of selecting a dealer is solely up to the individual.


Check out their sites to find the authorized dealer in your area that you are most comfortable with. Remember, we will work with ANY dealer of your choice nationwide!

Please see our Privacy Policy.

                              CUSTOM PAINT THAT ROCKS!


Check it out:

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We specialize in replicating your Harley CVO colors and designs!  

We have perfected the application process of the elusive Harley 'denim' finish.

We also stock or can make their most popular colors including older and obsolete colors!

If you're adding aftermarket parts or accessories that need refinishing or have a custom or OE color that needs repair/restoration or color-matching on ANY make or model Contact Us, we can help!


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We offer service discounts for our Military Service personnel and First Responders.

Find out more About Us or Contact Us for more information.


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We also create custom signs or commissioned artwork that will impact your business or home with the most vibrant colors and quality materials available!

Our signature process features a swirl-polished aluminum substrate which can include laser-cut 3-D elements.

Our sign quality is ultra durable in any climate and the beauty and integrity has been proven to last for YEARS under the harshest conditions!

We use only the best conversion varnish on wood cabinets, gun stocks, hand railings, and countless other wood projects.

Contact Us to discuss your custom signage, artwork, restoration or wood finishing requirements.


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If you're looking for some really nice apparel or accessories for your bike, check out these sites!


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